Competitions and Events

I began competive Kiteboarding in January 2013. These are my results:

January 2016 – Kiting For Cancer – 101 Miles in the Cayman Islands

In January 2016 I was very fourtune to have been accepted into a group of local Caymanian kiteboarders who were attempting to kite 100 miles from Little Cayman to Grand Cayman to raise funds for the Cayman Island's Cancer Society.  The mission was successful and raised over $170,000 for the chairty.

April 2015 – 1st 11th Annual Miami Kite Masters

The Miami Kite Masters has been running for as long as I've been kiting, but I never made it up for the event.  I was determined to attend in 2015!  After a weekend of light wind, I was stoked to walk away with a 1st in Women's Freestyle and 1st in Women's Slalom.  Thanks for a great event Miami Kiteboarding and thank you InterCaribbean Airways for helping me get to the event!


January 2015 – 1st SUP at Punta Cana Kite Fest

My first competition of 2015!  There was absoluetly no wind over the weekend for the RedBull Punta Cana Kite Fest, but it was still an awesome event and I came home with a 1st in the Women's SUP race!


June 2014 – 3rd Overall at the Triple S Invitational

I was so happy to make a podium finish at the Triple S Invitatinal!  I placed 2nd in Surf, 3rd in Slicks, and 3rd Overall.  Huge thanks to Venyu and Real Watersports for sponsoring this awesome event!


March 2014 – 1st Beach Culutre World Tour Tobago

After a busy week in Tobago full of compeition with Kevin Pritchard and Diony Guadagnino I was stoked to gain the 2014 title as World Champion of Brian Talma's Beach Culutre World Tour!


February 2014 – 1st place TRIO Cayman Islands

After spending six days in the Cayman Islands with no wind, it finally came up on the last day!  The women's freestyle heat was an hour-long, and I was very happy to take home the gold! 


January 2014 – 1st place Lord of the Wind

I was very excited to have the opportunity to compete in the 4th Lord of the Winds competition in Los Barriles, Mexico. I competed in all events and was stoked to place 1st in both the ladies Freestyle and Slalom events, and also 2nd in the Hangtime competition and 3rd in Course Racing. The Buena Vista Spa Hotel has been an amazing host hotel and the hospitality here has been great. An added highlight to the event was the premier of With A Kite from Naish's Davy Blair. I wasn't expecting to see my face in the movie!  I'd like to extend a huge thank you to all the organizers and participants of Lord of The Wind for a fun event. I'm already looking forward to next year!


June 2013 – 2013 Triple S Invitational

The Triple S is the largest kiteboarding competition in the US and it was awesome to make it through the Open and into the Invitational event! After three days of challenging conditions varying from light winds to a tropical storm.  It was super fun hitting Real's obstacles like the John Wayne for the first time!


March 2013- 1st Place 2013 DR Open

I went back to the Dominican Republic for their national event.  On the day of the competition the wind was perfect for my 12m Park and I came in 1st place!


January 2013 – 2nd place 2013 Punta Cana Kite Fest

My first event was held in the Dominican Republic, which is a short plane ride away from the Turks & Caicos. The wind was light for the women's part of the competition, but I was able to land enough tricks to place 2nd after Susi Mai.

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